APAflow Plugin Builder

You can use APAflow Plugin Builder to create your own operators (icons). With a Plugin you can extend APAflow’s capabilities adding support for any process or Python library. We are setting up our git process next week so you will be able to share your plugins in GitHub and be part of the APAflow Open Source Community. To start go to the Plugin Tools menu and click on New APAflow Plugin.

Plugin Menu


A Plugin contains one or more operators (icons) and may contain one or more enumerations.

Plugin Builder

An operator contains the definitions for: input and output ports, the operator properties, and the Python code that supports the operator.

Plugin Architecture

Plugin Installation

Plugins are distributed using plugin definitions files and not the actual plugin. During installation, the plugin is generated (as a zip file) and then it is installed in APAflow.

Install APAflow plugin

Contribute to the APAflow Open Source Community
We are setting up our GitHub project next week.! To be part of the APAflow Open Source Community, you can contribute creating and sharing your own plugin. You will use APAflow Plugin Builder to create new operators (icons). If you feel like contributing, please contacts us at support at APAflow dot com We are looking for help to create the following operators (icons):

  • scikit-learn Preprocessing
  • scikit-learn Classification
  • scikit-learn Clustering
  • scikit-learn Dimensionality Reduction
  • scikit-learn Model selection
  • Support for Matplotlib
  • Support for Seaborn